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точный листовый металл штамповка

  • точный листовый металл штамповка
  • точный листовый металл штамповка
  • точный листовый металл штамповка
  • точный листовый металл штамповка

точный листовый металл штамповка

    Цена за штуку: 6 USD
    Количество минимального заказа: 10 Piece/Pieces
    производительность: 10000
    марка: Бергек
    транспорт: Ocean,Land,Air
    Место происхождения: Китай
    Способность поставки: 8000000
    Сертификаты : IOS9001
    Код ТН ВЭД: Non
    Порт: ShenZhen

Описание продукта

Precision metal stamping is a mass metal processing process that uses stamping tools to create sheet metal parts by pressing the material into the desired shape. This is done according to a pattern, with each section removed from the motherboard after stamping.

Precision metal stamping methods allow manufacturers to make parts that require bottom cuts, multiple features, or fragile walls for assembly.

It uses high-pressure equipment to press metal plates into molds, so the shape of the product has geometric precision and an excellent surface finish.

Precision metal stamping offers multiple advantages to manufacturers and end-users. Это включает:

Массовое производство

Precision metal stamping can make thousands to millions of parts in a single run. This is more productive than other metalworking processes, such as CNC machining, manufacturing, or welding.

The process is very suitable for mass manufacturing, in which hardware parts are produced in large quantities.

precision sheet metal stamping


Precision metal stamping is universal, can produce a variety of components using the same tools, and requires little additional setup or adjustment between production runs.

As a result, precision metal stamping has a higher uniformity than other industrial processes. Because all products are stamped from sheet metal, they have the same wall thickness and nearly the same surface finish, making post-production assembly and quality control checks easier.

Precision Metal Stamping also supports mass customization of final products through automated variable design to quickly meet customers' unique requirements.

precision sheet metal stamping

The quality of

Precision metal stamping is a universal process capable of producing a range of components with different surface finishes and tolerances.

It also produces parts with thin walls, deep drawing, and bottom cuts that would otherwise be challenging to produce using other processes, such as CNC machining or manufacturing.

This makes precision metal stamping an excellent choice for aerospace, medical implants, automotive, lighting, and consumer electronics development, where precise shapes and thin walls are required.

Precision metal stamping is one of the few technologies that can produce the specific thin-wall geometry required for demanding electronic packaging applications because of its ability to produce deep-drawing features.

precision sheet metal stamping

Легко использовать

Engineers and designers find precision metal stamping easy to use because it allows complex shapes to be replaced with the fewest tools.

This capability provides customers with greater design flexibility and opens the door to concept exploration early in product development.

It also helps them reduce costs by minimizing material waste since fewer mold changes are required per new part design iteration.

Precision metal stamping makes it easier to create precisely designed parts because they require less processing time for secondary processing throughout the production process. This leads to a more efficient workflow, especially if production is high.

Minimize material waste

Precision metal stamping is an economical manufacturing process because it uses the minimum amount of materials needed to make parts.

This feature allows manufacturers to make thin-walled products without complex secondary operations, such as CNC machining, which can be time-consuming and expensive.

precision sheet metal stamping

Экономически эффективным

Precision metal stamping has lower start-up costs than large die-casting machines used for mass production. This is therefore beneficial when the production demand is small but the quantity is still high.

It also provides a high degree of flexibility, allowing manufacturers to use design options to handle custom projects that could not be produced in any other way. That means they can earn higher profits without much initial investment.

Minimum secondary operations

For precision metal stamping, secondary operations such as thread cutting after production are usually not required. The process also creates a shapeless feature without any errors such as pre-drilling, countersunk head, or cutting thread. Secondary processing usually adds cost and time to market, but manual finishing is minimal after stamping, again saving money and time.

The product description

Aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass, galvinized etc.
Surface treatment
Powder coating, eletroplating, oxide,anodization
laser cut, bend, weld, stamp
Need to pay sample fee
Drawing Format
Appliance, Auto, Building, Capital equipment, Energy, Instrumentation, Medical device, Telecommunications

sheet metal bending operations

Often ask questions

What parts can you buy from Bergek?

CNC machining milling parts/turning parts, stamping parts, sheet metal processing parts, bending parts

Why should you buy from Bergek instead of another vendor?

Focus on CNC processing and sheet metal processing, provide CNC turning, CNC milling, stamping bending, sheet metal manufacturing one-stop solution.

Can Bergek make the blueprints for me?

We do not provide design services. You are responsible for submitting 2D and 3D CAD drawings and then we can provide a manufacturing design review upon receipt of your order.

Bergek is a world-class manufacturing service provider in Shenzhen. We have advanced equipment to provide a full range of custom products to manufacturers around the world, focusing on CNC machining and sheet metal processing. Our goal is to make it easier to customize parts. So why not come and see our facilities for yourself? We stand ready to help you bring your next product to market, let us help you succeed! Please contact us with your inquiry.

sheet metal bending operations

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Shenzhen Bergek Technology Co.,LTD

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Бергек-поставщик производственных услуг мирового класса в Шэньчжэне. Мы получили расширенное оборудование для предоставления многоборных индивидуальных продуктов для производителей по всему миру, сосредоточившись на обработке ЧПУ и изготовлении листового металла. Узнайте, почему мы являемся предпочтительным поставщиком компаний мирового класса, которые помогут им воплотить в жизнь свои продвинутые проекты с ЧПУ и листовым металлом.

Не только обработка с ЧПУ, листовой металл Fabricanot только обработка с ЧПУ, изготовление листового металла, но и обработка поверхности, сборка и отгрузку, независимо от его металла или пластиковых деталей, просто отправим нам ваши чертежи, мы поможем вам в реальности. Сборка и отгрузка, независимо от его металлических или пластиковых деталей, просто отправьте нам свои рисунки, мы поможем вам в реальности.

О Компании

  • название компании: Shenzhen Bergek Technology Co.,LTD
  • представитель: Xiong Kui
  • Продукт / Услуга: Изготовление листового металла , лазерная резка служба , изгиб листового металла , обработка с ЧПУ , Запчасти с ЧПУ , Сторонние детали с ЧПУ
  • капитал: $1 Million
  • Год создания: 2017
  • Годовой Оборот: US$5 Million - US$10 Million
  • Процент Экспорта: 81% - 90%
  • Общий годовой объем покупки (млн. долл. США): US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million
  • Число производственных линий: 5
  • Число научных сотрудников: 5 -10 People
  • Число работников Отдела контроля качества: 5 -10 People
  • OEM услуги, предоставляемые: yes
  • Плошадь завода (м2): 3,000-5,000 square meters
  • Адрес Завода: 松岗街道潭头西部工业区A17栋1楼
  • Контактное Лицо: Ms. Yang Rong
  • Номер Телефона : 86-0755-2300316
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